Support for risk and compliance teams

Your risk team’s capacity is not infinite.

While the demands on risk and compliance teams may ebb and flow, firms may be unwilling to see the size of their team grow to meet peak demands.  Some have resorted to offshoring or ‘northshoring’ their teams to cut costs, but others may feel this is too remote.

There is an alternative.

Many leading City, global and overseas law firms use Legal Risk LLP to fill the gap – either for

‘overflow’ resource, or because they want a second opinion from practising solicitors. We combine northshore costs with mobility, years of practical experience and, of course, legal professional privilege. We are an SRA-regulated law firm. All our partners have additional qualifications in anti-money laundering and data protection, and we have significant experience in professional indemnity insurance.

You receive partner-level advice for substantially less than the cost (and commitment) of taking on another member of staff: an all-year-round, flexible solution leaving you in control.  You only pay for what you use, with itemised monthly billing.

Further information with examples of the range of services we provide can be found here.