Acting when there are conflicts of interests is among the most serious breaches of the lawyer-client relationship.  But the principle can be easier to state than to apply.

Proper planning can make it possible to take on an instruction which might otherwise have to be declined.  As with all our advice, our focus, as far as possible, is on how things can be done, rather than reasons why they can’t be done.

We have advised leading law firms on conflicts.  Examples include –

  • Leading US firm in multi-billion cross-border credit crunch-related litigation;
  • Advice to international firm on multi-jurisdictional conflicts problem;
  • Advice to City and national firms on information barrier policies and procedures;
  • Partner workshops for leading European, international, City and regional law firms;
  • Defence of professional liability claims;
  • Representing insured firms where insurers’ panel solicitors have conflicts of interest, including policy limit and wider coverage issues.

Frank Maher was the lead author of sections on conflicts and confidential information in the International Bar Association book, Risk Management in Law Firms: Strategies for Safeguarding the Future.

Our Resources page contains brief notes on leading conflicts cases and links to professional rules.

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Frank Maher

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